Babbasa Trailblazer, Amy talks through her experience of being a part of the City Leadership programme.

The programme supports highly aspirational young people from less advantaged backgrounds by giving them the tools they need to become leaders of the future.

It’s an initiative by the Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees, which is delivered in partnership with Babbasa, the Mayor’s Office, City Office, and other key partners.

The 2-week intensive summer course also features 5 months of professional mentoring. This is Amy’s story:

“When I was in sixth form, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, so I completed my two years at college and started looking for apprenticeships.

Soon after, I began an apprenticeship at the Mayor’s Office, which I loved because it allowed me to meet so many people.

They helped me to seek out opportunities to progress my career, including taking part in the City Leadership Programme.

When I first started the programme, I felt a bit lost, and I didn’t have much confidence in myself, but my mentor, Louise brought it out of me.

We set objectives at the end of each session ahead of our next meeting. It was so motivational to have someone who believed in me and pushed me to reach my potential.

She was one of the reasons why I applied to become an Apprenticeship Ambassador. She also helped me with interview skills, CV updating and understanding the public sector and the career opportunities out there.

I thought I wasn’t ready for any of these things, but with a bit of encouragement, I was able to step up my role and start to consider leadership roles.

My goal now is to be less fearful and to challenge myself to take on more responsibility.

Everyone should challenge themselves to take on as many opportunities as they can, when they come their way.”