I moved to Bristol from Brazil when I was 6 years old with my parents and older sister. Since then we have had 2 additions to our family, my little brother and our pet hamster. I would describe myself as impulsive, warm and understanding, although my friends and family may add a thing or two. I’m happiest when I’m busy and on the go, meeting up with friends, colleagues, working or trying to learn something new. This has led me to (attempt) learning French and the drums, as well as occasionally rampaging through Wikipedia at ridiculous hours of the night.

In the past, I have struggled with keeping up productivity which really hindered me from being truly happy. This made my sixth form years difficult, and having a knock-on effect on my confidence led to issues related to social anxiety. The one thing, however, that I never stopped was trying. Constantly putting myself out there and out of my comfort zone is what showed me what I was worth. And eventually came the day where I spoke clearly in front of my class. Even though no one noticed, and it was only a sentence or two, it exemplified that I can do whatever I want. That the only approval I should search for and the only person I should answer to is myself. Now, I’m speaking in front of crowds of over 300, chairing meetings and pitching to business professionals. The distance I’ve travelled from who I was at 17 to now makes me proud and grateful to the wonderful people I’ve met. The opportunities I have had, including being a youth ambassador with the role of marketing and comms manager for Babbasa’s Ask About Me 2019, is one of the things which has allowed me to develop these skills and use them to achieve higher goals. 

I came to Babbasa quite randomly as an invitation from my friend, but I’m so glad I did. Everyone who works there shares the same positive energy and mentality to help people, being a key stepping stone to achieving whatever goals they might have. I’ve been able to write for magazines and I can say that I’m certainly on the way to attaining goals that seemed so far away when I first got in touch. I cannot thank them enough as I’d probably be quite lost, had I not gotten involved! Their determination is infectious and has certainly given me the confidence I needed for the real world that school couldn’t provide.

I’m now hoping to keep writing, with the help of my mentor Babbasa has provided, going to Uni in September 2020 to hopefully becoming a journalist or diplomat, as I feel communication is a key factor that is often overlooked in work and many aspects of life.