“When I was growing up, my home life was full of abuse and I was continually faced with fear, pain, and hostility. I faced a lot of violence and racial abuse at school as well, and before long, I was kicked out, and later arrested for possessing a knife. I had reached rock bottom, but realised that the only way from here was up, so I reached out to Babbasa for support.

They were able to support me in getting a carpentry apprenticeship interview. I went into that interview and told them my whole story, and said ‘if you give me this opportunity, I will be the best I can be.’

Thanks to Babbasa, I was able to secure that apprenticeship offer, and I was successful in leaving with a level 3 NVQ. After that, I was offered an opportunity to complete a Management Construction course by the manager of Carillion.

Now, I’m self-employed, running my own carpentry business. One day I hope to go to university to study Robotics. It’s a long way off, but I’m going to do it, and I’m going to make sure I’m going for it everyday.”