I grew up always moving. I was born in Italy, then later moved to England at the age of 11. Because of my diverse upbringing, I am able to speak multiple languages. I speak English, Arabic and Italian.

My life in Italy if compared to my life in England is incomparable. The thing I struggled most with during my move was learning the English language. It took me quite some time before I became confident in my language abilities.

During my time in England, I discovered Babbasa. I have learned a great amount through their short courses. For example, I learned how to manage my finances better and also how to improve my social skills. I gained a lot of confidence, talking to people even with my language difficulties. I decided to become a Youth Ambassador for Babbasa afterwards and help organise their ‘Hear Our Stories’ event. I was very nervous on the day, but everyone was really nice and I learned a lot through the evening.

Looking forward, I hope to continue my studies and go on to receive a certificate at a higher level of education. After this, I look forward to working either within an ICT department or in hotel management. The most definite experience I want to achieve over the next couple of years would be to travel and discover new places around the world.

One thing I learned from Babbasa that I share with my younger siblings is to always learn from your mistakes and keep fighting for your goals in order to achieve what you truly want as an adult.