Media, broadcasting and documentaries had always been of some interest to me, but I wasn’t completely sure what I could do to turn that interest into a career.

Through the Babbasa Placement Programme, I was able to secure a work experience opportunity at Plimsoll Productions at their office in Bristol.

The highlight for me was definitely being able to experience something new each day.

At Plimsoll, I felt really valued and part of the team. They were always clear about how the jobs I was carrying out impacted the team, and would be of benefit to the project we were working on.

It was clear that they were genuinely excited to have me there, which felt really nice.

This has been a great chance for me to understand what the world of work is like, and so reassuring as it can be quite nerve-wracking going into a professional setting for the first time.

I was really nervous before, but now I feel like I have gained a lot of skills and experiences that will help me in the future.