I migrated to Bristol at the age of 5 to escape civil war and the harsh environment of a broken country. Irrespective of this, I focus on that which I’m in control of and give no time to the things that limit me. I have always been driven towards business and consider myself an entrepreneur.

Eventually, I would like to be recognised as a philosopher. Philosophers influence the actions of many by changing the way they think. By sharing my philosophy on success and self-development and focusing on the individual, I believe I can make a difference. We may never change the world in our lifetime, but we can change ourselves.

I have a great relationship with Babbasa because of how they treated me, how they work and what their ethos is all about. What’s special about them is the team. They really do inspire me, they work very hard and go the extra mile. So if I need anything I know they can help me out. They supported me to access funding for my enterprise ideas as well as my application to study Mathematics at the University of York.

My past experiences mean I’ve had to grow up quickly and ask myself questions about why there is inequality and injustice.
This made my primary goal to support less advantaged young kids. In 20 years time, I aim to have the resources, whether that is money, influence or contacts, to do this. My secondary goal is about myself, its about what I leave behind and my legacy. I want to leave behind ideas and a philosophy that can help everybody because that is timeless.