I am Yasmin Mohammed, a 24-year-old currently living in Bristol. I was born and raised here and studied right through to college-level education. I am the youngest of 5 brothers and I am the only girl.

It was at a young stage in my life when I knew I wanted to work in the Health and Social Care industry and this was due to watching and learning from my mother because of how kind-hearted, caring and giving she is.

At age 19, I progressed my education to university in Cardiff for three years where I successfully graduated with a Degree in Health and Social Care.

I joined Babbasa after my brother recommended the program. He attended one of the first-ever Ask About Me events and believed it would be worthwhile to participate.

After he shared his experiences with me and the details of the programme, I wanted to be fully involved. It was really nice to hear that such a programme exists to assist young people.

Over the course of the several months I spent as a Youth Ambassador, I noticed a new level of confidence in myself, which is something I had wanted to gain from the beginning.

Believing in my goals and aspirations has massively increased in the best ways possible.

I would always recommend the great work that Babbasa does to anyone looking to take positive steps towards achieving their goals while at the same time, having a positive impact on society as a whole.