“I’m Yesmain and I would say those close to me would say I’m assertive, passionate, and honest. 

Spending time in isolation either listening to music, podcasts or language-orientated audio books is therapeutic and the best way to spend any free time I have.  

Growing up, my background was a barrier because people assumed that I couldn’t speak English, which is strange because I am not fluent in my native language.  

I found out about Babbasa when I applied for an internship at University. As part of the feedback at the end of the interview,  I was asked if I heard about Babbasa. I got in contact with Babbasa a couple of months later. 

I initially wasn’t going to become a Youth Ambassador with Babbasa because I felt anxious. Anxiety has stopped me from pursuing opportunities. I managed to convince myself to go to the first meeting and the rest was history. 

As a Youth Ambassador, Ask About Me 2019 was the event that I got involved in. I pitched the event to businesses and spoke to young people about the event. 

For me to get involved in public speaking, and take part in a pitch was a massive leap from what I was used to. It was one of my proudest achievements of 2019.

Ask About Me reinforced my belief in my ability to make an impact. I want to be able to assist Black and POC womxn. I don’t have an idea or particular industry in mind but I want to be able to assist them in achieving their dreams and passions. 

My love for theatre was re-ignited thanks to Babbasa, where I was fortunate to be provided opportunities to watch theatre productions. Prior to 2019, the last theatre production I watched was in 2011. 

Whenever I think about the future, I feel positive. I would like to do more projects and events in the future.    

Young people inspire me in the way they make serious topics the forefront of everyone’s minds. In what is the most unprecedented time I have ever seen, young people are the future. My suggestion is for young people to take care of themselves and not feel the burden to solve the world’s problems on their own.”