My name’s Bethany, I’m 25 and I’m a diverse social media marketer and digital copywriter. I found out about Babbasa by going to an Ask About Me event in April 2019 and then signed up to be a Youth Ambassador in the Challenge Programme Autumn 2019 cohort. I helped to organise and was Communications Lead for the ‘Our Bristol, Our World’ conference; I hosted a focus group on culture and politics, wrote part of the manifesto and did communications work in the run up to and on the night of the event including guest posting on the social media pages. The programme and the following mentoring programme that I got afterwards helped me to up my confidence and further my career skills. It also got me paid work!

I found out that I was diagnosed with autism at age three when I was eleven. I also have an eye condition called Rod Cone Dystrophy, meaning I’m colour blind, can’t see in the dark, constant floating shapes and, because of both, a genetic condition called Bardet Biedl Syndrome. I moved about over the years due to my father’s job as a priest and always had limited knowledge of potential careers for various reasons. I wouldn’t say I’ve overcome those barriers as I feel that I’m always going to be developing as a person, but I would say that I’m at a much more settled place than I was in my childhood and teen years. Doing work and education came easily to me but life post education was, and still is, a slow burner. I found accessing opportunities difficult and kept changing my mind on what I wanted to work as/for.

I currently create content for and manage social media channels for a board-level networking and training company. When I’m not doing that, I’m busy networking and writing blogs on my career development portfolio ‘ofbeth’. Life feels good right now. I’m lucky to have paid work, a roof over my head and a loving family. But I also feel a little stuck at the moment. I want to work in social media marketing, blog writing, copywriting and content curation/strategy as a full-time career but I need more experience and I want more people around me both professionally and personally.

My main aspiration is my want to help marketing companies/agencies who are good at marketing others or their clients but not themselves. The advice I would give to my younger self would be that things will get better as you get older and you don’t have to make everyone like you – being you is ok. The qualities that I think define a Trailblazer are leadership, better representation and enthusiasm for social change.


We believe Bristol’s most marginalised deserve access to support at their own pace; have their voices heard; and have access to real work opportunities.

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