My name is Cameron Luke Powell. I heard about Babbasa through my mother back when it had first started out and I was not long out of school.

I remember attending their Empowered Event, the first Ask About Me event and Change 300 Futures. It helped me greatly with my confidence in public speaking and how to plan and organize events/events space hiring processes. Through my relationship with Babbasa I gained Business qualifications and communication skills. I also developed my planning and execution skills, public speaking, managing teams and group work. They all helped in many ways but mainly helped me operate within the adult world and know more what I can be worth in different fields.

I have faced many things growing up that would be too many to list, but the main thing that I find as a barrier in life for myself is communication and trust. In this day and age, we live in a place that is so fueled with misguidance it’s hard for people to communicate and trust on another peacefully. I had always been blessed with people in my life who could show me and give me saying I use still now, but inside I always knew and felt like there is a bigger purpose for myself. Because of that I live by a saying. “I cannot choose what happens to me, but I can choose how I respond and that defines who I am, not anything else”.

I love my work always have because I enjoy building things and knowing how to get certain jobs done, it is also my dream to build my own house and actually do it myself. At the time of my schooling, I was in a very confused and dark place so was kicked out and moved around quite a lot but only through growing through the process did I understand that it was mainly because of other thing in my life that blinded me in making the wrong decisions whilst at school.

At the moment I am working as a self-employed carpenter at a company called Church Farm Fire Maintenance. I still enjoy my work very much but forex and crypto currency’s is where I am planning to move my life to so working a 9-5 is not needed anymore. I still would like to do further education.

I am very grateful for my life and the opportunity to strive for a better life. I have many goals and aspirations but my main ones for the moment and start of this year is: move into a new place by Feb 12th 2021, put two hours of reading and revision in a day into things that will develop my mindset and grow my investments, say what I grateful for more often and write it down more, take my mother, Aunty jenny, Grandad and Jade (girlfriend) to America for Christmas to visit family 2021, move my aunty and mother out of the council estate we live in by the end of the year, withdraw £250,000 pounds from the forex market and reach 13 and a half stone by my birthday August the 3rd.

 6 months from now in a new place and planning my how I going to finish it, new vehicle and debts paid off. 1 year making multiple six figures trading and being able to live without having to work a 9-5, being able to move my Mother and Aunty wherever they want. Also to have taken them back home to our mother country.

If I had any advice for young people it would be to stay calm throughout life. If it will not affect you in two years or your growth in where your life is at now. Don’t waste two minutes stressing over it, especially things out of you control. A Trailblazer is someone who is driven and willing to help others and want to give back to their city and young people, someone who has a positive outlook on life is able to see solutions through problems, but mostly an upstanding individual who will uphold Babbasa’s values.


We believe Bristol’s most marginalised deserve access to support at their own pace; have their voices heard; and have access to real work opportunities.

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