My name is Nehanda Ngozi and I’m 17 years old. Some of my hobbies include cooking, baking and writing. My mum told me about Babbasa because I was struggling to find work and I needed direction on what to to do meet some of my goals.

From the first day I joined Babbasa I noticed how my they cared about young people and that they were genuine people. It wasn’t hard to connect to them as they were easy to talk to. I’m not the type to be comfortable around people the first time I meet them but I felt comfortable enough to be my self around them. What I didn’t expect was the recognition from the young people, some people now noticing me to as being part of Babbasa.

I was a youth ambassador which helped me grow in confidence and gave me a direction to work towards. This really helped me to create a picture for what I want to do and how to get there. I also did the mentoring program this helped as I got connections with a person in the industry that I am interested and gave me insight of what’s it like, what to do and not to do. The main skills I gain was confidence, social skills, self-empowerment as a whole it was an eye opener to what I can be doing and what to do in the future. I gained experience in speaking to professionals

I feel like the whole Babbasa team are amazing and genuine people. The people that stand out to me is definitely is Pravanya and Zoe. They were with me from the start and we work closely together, both of them helped me with my journey from Babbasa and helped me develop myself.

At this point of time I’m still working through college and figuring my next steps. I didn’t think I would be doing this course as I was thinking of an apprenticeship but at this point of time, I’m happy with the course I’m on, I just need to find a work place to get more experience. My goal is to publish an e-book and have my own catering business that brings people together, I also want it to be in a events so I can travel.

In six months months time I would be entering my last year of college and want to start my e-book. In a years time  I’d love to have that book published. In five years I would love to be running my business.

If there was any advice I could give another young person it would be to be more confident in yourself. If you have an idea go for it, even if it doesn’t work out you will learn from it.