I heard about Babbasa through my aunt. I filled out an application and spoke to Pravanya extensively after this. She told me that Babbasa is somewhere that is very aligned to things I am looking for, and it is. Since joining I have attended many development workshops, a highlight being a BBC television production workshop. I am being mentored by a commercial lawyer and he is great, very patient and informative and I am grateful to Babbasa for facilitating this connection.

I feel like indecision is one of the biggest personal barriers for me and feeling like I do not have time to waste when really, I should just focus on enjoying the journey. I am currently being mentored at work, through Babbasa, and by my mum. Getting different perspectives on how to tackle life, career aspirations and confidence issues is really helping me to be calmer about the uncertainty of life.

Working with the Youth Ambassadors on the city of change campaign was great. It was so cool to see so many different people unified in this goal and it was so great to achieve it. We went to weekly development sessions, with Zoe, Pravanya and Hersi. We had sessions with people from different organisations teaching us about social media strategies and pitching strategies, all virtually but it was beneficial, and I was surprised at how naturally everything clicked together. I always enjoy meeting new people and the people at Babbasa are great and have changed my life. I am looking forward to the Trailblazer programme where we will have the opportunity to build on the relationships that we have created.

I’m working as a Members’ Support Officer at Bristol City Council, after completing my Internship in the Mayor’s Office. It has been a great opportunity for me to gain a different political perspective and to work closely with elected members. I am currently pursuing creative opportunities, legal opportunities and any opportunities which allow me to merge the two. I have also applied and been accepted to study the LPC LLM course from September – so I am looking forward to getting more work experience and going back into studying hopefully at the end of this year.

There is always something to do/ think about which helps during lockdown. My current goals are to gain some varying work experience, in legal and creative roles. To start the LPC in September, who knows maybe in another part of the country (coronavirus permitting). In terms of accessing opportunities, I have been applying for a lot of work experience lately, and it is very competitive. I am learning the importance of just applying – never counting myself out.  I have just got to give the application the best I have and leave the rest to the employer.

For anybody reading this my advice would be to believe in yourself, never count yourself out. Spend time with people who help you grow and support you and support them in their journey as well, everything is easier with a solid support network. In terms of career try anything and everything you can and decide based on your experience whether something is for you. The hardest lesson I am learning is, trying something and realising it is not for you is not wasted time, it gives the journey more flavour.

I think as a Trailblazer, it’s important to be yourself! You are on your own path; success looks different to you than it might to someone else. Be someone that you are proud to be. Also help other people when you can, life is short.