Reflections on winning the Diversity and inclusion award at the BristolLive Business Awards

By Sangeetha Wynter, Babbasa Training & Inclusion Manager.

It was such a privilege to win the Diversity and Inclusion award, which recognises organisations harnessing a truly diverse workforce that excel in their commitment to equality and inclusion across all strands of diversity. 

As Training and Inclusion Manager at Babbasa, it is my responsibility to provide both D&I training and advisory services to clients. Assisting companies to reach their aspirations to become more inclusive is not only rewarding, but is imperative to us achieving our overall mission to create more inclusive pathways for all young people to live and thrive. 

In 2021/22, we set up the Babbasa Recruitment and Inclusion Service (BRIS), to help other organisations across all sectors to diversify their workforce and create inclusive work environments.

Our management team recognises that inclusion starts with leadership, that without changing incentives in the system the city will get the same results. We, therefore, sit strategically on a number of boards across the city, including the WECA Employment and Skills Board, the Bristol One City Economy and Skills Board, the Business West Board, UWE’s Business and Management Advisory Board and University of Bristol Courts. 

What does inclusion mean to us at Babbasa?

When I reflect on what true inclusion means, it’s about ensuring people feel valued. Inclusion is at the centre of what we do at Babbasa. Being given the opportunity to have a seat at the table is important but actually having your voice heard is empowering. In order to be effective D&I should be the golden thread that influences HR processes, policy, business, KPI’s and everyday behaviours. 

How do we help clients with their inclusion aspirations?

We take a bespoke approach depending on the clients needs. It is important to recognise that every company has different strengths and barriers.

By companies embarking on recruitment or inclusion support we are able to provide them with the tools to be culturally competent when they are attracting and hiring diverse talent. 

So, firstly, we encourage all our clients to complete our inclusion healthchecker. It is a specific D&I survey that acts as a litmus test for us to gain a better understanding of where clients are at. Once the results have been analysed we are able to provide bespoke recommendations to best support. 

If you would like support with developing effective diversity and inclusion practices, then please get in touch, we offer both training and advisory services.

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