Purpose-driven companies wishing to be a force for good can become certified as a B Corp, a highly-respected sustainability certification verified by non-profit network, B Lab.

Being a B Corp means being part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact, balancing profit and purpose to work towards a more sustainable future. 

It means being a ‘better business’, prioritising constant improvement to ensure you continuously exceed the expectations, demands and needs of staff, society and the planet. 

There are currently over 1,500 companies in the UK that have B Corp certification, and an increasing number in Bristol.

To find out more see this  B Corp movement video.

The B Corp Impact Assessment

In order to be verified as a B Corp, an organisation needs to undergo the B Corp impact assessment. 

This involves answering over 300 questions across five categories, assessing your practices around your governance, your staff, the community you operate within, the environment and your customers.  

This assessment is reviewed by B Lab to determine the overall ‘B Impact Score’ which must be at least 80 points to achieve certification.

How can Babbasa help?

If your company is looking to achieve B Corp status, you must demonstrate that you are having a positive impact on the economic and social wellbeing of the communities in which you operate. This is covered by the “community” category of the Impact Assessment.

Achieving a high score in this category can be aided by working with organisations like Babbasa, who are deeply embedded in the minoritised communities of East and Central Bristol, where we support young people from low-income households to achieve their aspirations in education, employment and enterprise.

Volunteering hours can also count towards your accreditation, as your organisation’s social impact can be evidenced by giving time as well as by giving financial support. This could include supporting your employees to become Babbasa Equal Opportunity Ambassadors

Another way working with Babbasa can help is via our recruitment and inclusion services. Accessing Babbasa’s inclusion healthchecker and training modules enables organisations to prove they are working hard to create an inclusive environment, something which is taken into consideration in the Employee section of the B Corp Impact Assessment.

Organisations we already help

Babbasa already works with a number of organisations who are either certified as B Corps, or on their certification journey, including Purplefish, Ryan Webb Consultancy, Core3 and Pieminister.

Ryan Webb, of Ryan Webb Consultancy, explains: “As a small (1 person) business it’s actually pretty easy for me to limit, monitor & reduce my environmental impact. The B Corp process has shown me I can have a wider societal impact by using their other criteria, including “community”. I’ve therefore made it a clear part of my B Corp mission to increase the share of my suppliers who are local, but also to set aside some pro-bono time to support local organisations. One of those I’ve chosen is Babbasa and as an Equal Opportunities Ambassador it’s ideal for providing support that aligns with B Corp values. You can see this clearly in the way B Corp defines the “community” section of their impact assessment:    

“… evaluating a company’s engagement with and impact on the communities in which it operates, hires from, and sources from. Topics include diversity, equity & inclusion, economic impact, civic engagement, charitable giving, and supply chain management”.

Being an EOA aligns brilliantly with B Corp & provides a structured way to support those who need support & guidance. But it’s also incredibly rewarding to be an EOA, because the young people are so positive, enthusiastic and eager for help, plus Babbasa are just an incredible team!”

Leo Hewett of Core3 agrees, saying that “Babbasa is a great partner for longer-term impact. By working with them you’re helping Bristol’s under-represented communities. A relationship with Babbasa is really tangible; you can work together to make a difference!”

If you want to find out more about how Babbasa can help your organisation become a more inclusive employer, or how you could be part of Bristol’s OurCity2030 vision, please fill in this form and we’ll be in touch.